About the Artist

Ethereal Muse

Driven by her “Ethereal Muse,” Marty Blu is a lifelong artist who has currently made wire sculpture her preferred medium. Her art training ranges from Seattle’s famed Cornish College of the Arts to many various workshops and classes that cover all aspects of artistic expression.

Marty has also participated in a local Artworks program, having shown and sold many pieces through community oriented events. The inspiration of her childhood home of Port Townsend, Washington often shows in her artwork; with brilliant aspects of the ocean shore and its unique and beautiful variety of sea life having a prominent tone.

After less than two years of working with wire, Marty was able to attend a workshop with Dale “Cougar” Armstrong (Summer, 2010). Here Marty would not only learn from the foremost authority on wire jewelry design, but was also able to share some of her more unique and whimsical works, such as her Sea Turtle and Swivel links.

Marty Blu has always lived in the Pacific Northwest, currently residing in Edmonds, Washington.

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